Securing The Future of Sundyne


Our employees help secure the future and have the knowledge and skill it takes to deliver the quality and performance our customers expect and the unique ability to satisfy Sundyne customers. We hire only the best and the brightest. When you join Sundyne, we'll give you challenging assignments and the training you need to handle them. We will encourage you to innovate and to take prudent risks. And we do pay attention to your hard work. We believe talent, creativity, and outstanding effort should be rewarded through competitive salaries and benefits, increased responsibilities, and opportunities for new career horizons. We respect you as an individual by honoring your unique perspective and experience. We believe in treating people fairly and respectfully, without exception. It is not just the fair and ethical thing to do; it is the right thing to do. By bringing out the best in our employees, we deliver the best service and products to Sundyne customers.


Safety In The Workplace

Billions of gallons of fluids and gases including water, petro-chemicals and acids are processed every day with the aid of Sundyne rotating equipment. A single mistake can be deadly. We understand that the safe way is the only way to manufacture and service equipment for the diverse processing environments of Sundyne customers.


Safety is built into everything we do, from products and employees to performance metrics. We are committed to eliminating employee injuries by making the workplace free from hazards and unsafe actions. Our employees regularly receive the safety training they need. We evaluate safety as part of our world class quality audits and we emphasize safety in everything that we do. It is a part of how we measure performance. At Sundyne, it is made clear that safety is our top priority and creating a 100% safe work environment is the responsibility of all Sundyne associates.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognized Sundyne in September 2010 with the Voluntary Protection Program as a "Star Site".  The Sundyne Arvada, Colorado USA headquarters facility has the highest comprehensive safety and health management systems that incorporate strong management and meaningful active employee involvement. This is the highest recognition award that can be earned by a United States manufacturing company. More> 

Sundyne Sets The Standard For Quality

Every Sundyne employee plays a role in maintaining the quality our customers expect. Through our rigorous continous improvement programs, our employees strive for better quality every day.  We use proven tools of continuous improvement methodology to improve productivity, quality, cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction.  Every function at Sundyne, from engineering to sales and service, measures its performance and sets goals for improvement.


We are relentless about improving company performance. We create empowered teams of employees who never stop listening to customers. When those teams find a solution, it is implemented quickly and shared with others. At Sundyne, we never stop improving our quality and reputation.


Integrity Is Doing The Right Thing

At Sundyne, we believe we must do the right thing every time, and run the business to the letter and spirit of the law. By acting ethically and honorably, Sundyne employees win the loyalty and respect of customers. We bring integrity to every aspect of the business, from the way we treat our customers to the way we each conduct ourselves in the workplace. We expect every employee to uphold our high standards, and we back those expectations up with a comprehensive program of support.


As a Sundyne employee you will receive our written Code of Ethics. We will provide you with training that helps you recognize common ethical dilemmas and prepare yourself to handle them. You will know where to go for help if you have questions, or want to report a concern.


Sundyne Corporation supports the following multifaceted organizations that encourage diversity in our communities and workplace:


    Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
   INROADS/Colorado College Internships for Talented Minorities                    
  National Society of Hispanic MBA's
  National Society of Black Engineers

University of Colorado Multi-Cultural Engineering and Business Programs

Sundyne Corporation also strives to be a good corporate citizen in the communities where our employees live and work.