ISO 2858 standard compliant non-metallic, magnet drive centrifugal pump with Flows to 140 m3/hr (600gpm) and Heads to 158m (520ft)

The Ansimag model KI is a ISO 2858 standard compliant non-metallic, magnet drive centrifugal pump with... 

Flows to 140 m3/hr (600gpm)
Heads to 158m (520ft)

This ISO standard pump covers a wide range sizes and includes standard external dimensions so that pumps manufactured by other suppliers are dimensionally interchangeable with highly reliable Sundyne ANSIMAG sealless magnetic drive pumps without changing piping or baseplates. Our sealless magnetic drive pumps meet standard design specifications and materials of construction.




Performance Envelope


Heads To  0 to 300ft 0 to 90m
Flows To  0 to 600gpm 0 to 90m3/hr
Temp Range  -20 to 250°F -29 to 121°C
Max Case Working Pressure  232 psi 16 bar

Sealless Magnetic Drive Horizontal End Suction Non Metallic Pumps
The Sundyne Sealless Non-Metallic Magnet Drive end-suction pumps meet ASME / ANSI B73.3 standards for chemical procesing. Thes pumps are ideal for handling highly corrosive chemicals, acids, salt water and solvents.

ISO International Standards Organization
Sundyne centrifugal pumps that are compliant with the International Organization for Standardization ISO 13709 standards for oil and gas production, refining, chemical and petrochemical operations.

  • Polymers
  • Water Handling and Treatment
  • Water Resources
  • Water Treatment
  • Chemical and Liquor
  • Chemical Processing
  • Mining
  • General Industry
  • Water Supply and Distribution
  • Acid Transfer